Soittorasia Abroad (Part Six): Juha Kemppinen, Switzerland


Juha Kemppinen, a former Soittorasia-goalkeeper now tells what he thinks about Geneva, where also Tuukka Pöyry (Soittorasia Abroad: Part One) played for one year.

Soittorasia Abroad (Part Five): Heikki Lappi, Sweden


Heikki Lappi studied at Lund University in Sweden and played in Lugi Innebandy.

Soittorasia Abroad (Part Four): Aleksi Hänninen, Germany


Aleksi lived a year in Germany winning the German Cup with the Red Devils Wernigerode

Soittorasia Abroad (Part Three): Jesse Turkka & Tuukka Harmaala, Malaysia


Former Soittorasia players, Jesse Turkka and Tuukka Harmaala, moved to Penang, Malaysia to study abroad for one semester.

Soittorasia Abroad (Part Two): Turkka Lehtinen, Czech Republic


Turkka Lehtinen, two seasons in the Czech Extraliga with two silver medals (Czech Cup and Extraliga), plays currently for Koovee in the Finnish elite league.

Soittorasia abroad (Part One): Tuukka Pöyry – Switzerland


Soittorasia abroad is an interview series about Soittorasia members who have played floorball in different countries. Tuukka Pöyry starts the series by sharing his experiences from Switzerland.